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Ras Mubarak was born into a 'left-leaning' socialists household. His dad, an artisan by training and a former staff of the then Ghana Water and Sewage Corporation, and his mother, a business woman have always voted for political parties on the left. But he didn't want to be a politician then and didn't even fully understand what politics meant.

His decision to be a politician came much later in his life and once that decision was made that politics was what he would do, he spared no energy and expense at understanding it. His family may have been voting Left leaning political parties, but family wasn't what tilted the scales towards the National Democratic Congress (link to NDC site), NDC for Ras Mubarak. He thought he'd end up in the military or become a professional footballer.

Ras Mubarak grew up in Kumasi, attended all his basic and secondary school in Kumasi. In 1996, he studied for a Diploma in Public Relations. Mubarak's first job was a volunteer at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation where he subsequently worked for more than ten years and the African Courier magazine for six years as the magazine's correspondent in Ghana.

His exciting career in Journalism by 2007 was officially overtaken by politics. He left GBC and the African Courier magazine for the UK to study at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where he studied for, but did not complete a Masters in International Law and Sustainable Development. He completed a Post Graduate Course in International Development at Oslo University, Norway.


Mubarak is into politics because he loves public service. He was a polling station agent for the NDC in 2004 election in Ablekuma North. He was a deputy Publicist for the defunct NDC-Europe Group and was part of activities to get NDC members in Scotland to break away from the UK-Ireland group and form a devolved NDC Scotland Group. He's a strong believer in decentralization and believes the interest of the party would be better served if its external branches and chapters allowed some form of devolution.

Ras Mubarak is very passionate about politics. He feels politics can be used for the good of humanity. He believes if politics is loathsome, as dirty and full of skullduggery as public opinion is, then "people have a responsibility to themselves and moral obligation to God to roll up their sleeve, get into politics and bring about honesty in this noble profession." He believes when ones people are suffering, and one is not involved in the struggle to reduce the suffering, by the very act of ones inaction, one is against his people.

Mubarak says residing in Ablekuma North since he relocated to Accra in 2003 has taught him a great sense of the community and would accept with great humility the honor to represent the People of the Constituency in Parliament.

He believes in social democracy - where the power of community is used to bring about opportunity, prosperity and hope to those without it. His struggle is for those at the bottom, the alienated, the poorest, the most disadvantaged and the exploited - the ones others forget.

Ras Mubarak is motivated by the resilience and tenacity of the people of Ablekuma North despite the challenges and stress residents face with issues such as the perennial flooding, the interruptions in utility supplies and social disorder amongst others.

Mubarak is a farmer and a Freelance Media and Political Consultant.

My Family

He's married to Ummu Jaleel Rashid, a teacher and graduate of University of Ghana, and they have a son - Tingka and three adopted children.